Bowman Lake Association


The Association periodically adopts policies that supplement the Constitution and By-laws.  The following policies are currently in effect:


Membership definition.  The definition of membership and a variety of conforming changes were approved in the BLA Constitution and By-laws.  Members are defined as individual adults living or owning property on the roads surrounding the Big Bowman Pond.  For full text, see Constitution And By Laws. (Adopted Aug. 21, 2010).

Honorary Membership. Honorary Membership in BLA will be offered to the Pastor the Zion UCC Church. (Adopted Aug. 21, 2010).

Lifetime and Honorary Membership. Lifetime membership in the BLA will be offered to any member reaching the age of 80 years. Anyone reaching this age should notify the Treasurer so that no further contributions need to be collected from that person. Also, anyone can be awarded an “Honorary Lifetime Membership” for distinctive service rendered to the Association. (Adopted Aug. 19, 2006)

Lifetime membership. John Walsh was awarded a life-time membership in the BLA in appreciation of his many services to the lake. (Adopted Aug. 20, 2005)

Water Level and Management of the Dam

Reducing water level in winter. All the boards be taken out of dam for the winter according to the stated dates of the current Dam Regulation Policy to allow water levels to drop as far as possible, with the proviso that if this would cause a significant problem for someone regarding drawing water or another problem of that nature, the small board would be replaced per the regular policy. (Adopted Aug. 20, 2011).

Regular schedule for dam operations. A dam board of 11 ½ inches to be put in place from the middle of May (after heavy rains and snow melt runoff) until end of October/beginning of November. The water level with the 11 ½ inch board is between 3-4 inches below the concrete surface of the Buckner/Choudhri docks. A dam board of 5 ½ inches be put in place from the end of October/beginning of November until the middle of May. Locking mechanisms will be put in place to prevent the board from being inserted or removed.  The BLA President and John Walsh will maintain keys to the dam. Urgent requests for removal of the dam board for water level or quality purposes must be made to the Dam/water level committee. A majority vote of the committee will determine the action to be taken.  (Adopted August 18, 2007).

Committee. A dam/water level committee was formed with John Walsh, Rovie Simons, Dave Cobden, and Bill and Cindy LaFleur as initial members. (Adopted June 30, 2007)

Environmental Quality

NYS Federation. BLA will join the NYS Federation of Lake Associations. (Adopted Aug. 20, 2011)

Carp Permit. The President and Chair of the Environmental Quality Committee will apply for a triploid carp permit from the NYS Dept. of Environmental Conservation.  The application process is to be used for educational purposes regarding control of aquatic vegetation. Any decision to implement the permit, if granted, will be made by vote of Association members. (Adopted Aug. 20, 2011)

Water Quality Account. That deposits to the Water Quality Account from total membership contributions are suspended for 2011 and 2012 due to insufficient funds. (Adopted Aug. 19, 2011).

Informing renters. Information packets for renters/guests will have basic information related to what renters/guests need to know to use the lake properly. (Adopted Aug. 16, 2008).

Water Quality Account. Yearly membership contributions to the BLA will be divided equally between the Regular Account and the Water Quality Account. (Adopted Aug. 19, 2006)

BLA-sponsored events

Diving contest. The Regatta diving contest is re-instated using a minimum of two spotters and with only participants and judges allowed on the dock during the contest. (adopted Aug. 15, 2009).

The Blake Cup is owned by the BLA and the winner each year is the “guardian” of the cup for one year. (Adopted Aug. 15, 2009).

Expenses for engraving of winners’ names on the Blake Cup will be paid for by the BLA. (Adopted Aug. 16, 2008).

Non-BLA-member winners of the Blake Cup will be offered a certificate of winning, the option of a picture holding the Blake Cup trophy, and the placement of their name(s) on the Blake Cup trophy list. If they become members of the BLA, then they could keep the actual trophy cup for the year. (Adopted Jun. 28, 2008).

Liability disclaimer. In lieu of the BLA buying liability insurance, it would take the following steps when sponsoring BLA events, 1) all flyers for BLA events will have a disclaimer regarding any risk of injury at an event is the responsibility of the participant; 2) flyers would be posted at each event with the same disclaimer; 3) an announcement of the disclaimer would also be made at the beginning of each event. (Adopted June 20, 2009).

Contributions and Donations to Other Organizations

Contributions to Zion UCC.  $100 is authorized for payment to Zion UCC Church to support its Earth Day event. This payment replaces the former charitable contribution. (Adopted June 18, 2012).

Charitable contributions. The BLA is authorized to make automatic, annual contributions to the Sand Lake Ambulance, Taborton Fire Department, and the Zion UCC Church of Taborton in the amount of $100/yr. unless the Sand Lake Ambulance receives the majority of its support through billing for its services or taxes, which would result in excluding donations being made to that organization, and, with the recognition that this decision can be modified in the future. (Adopted June 20, 2009).

Historical contributions. The BLA will purchase one color and possibly two black and white versions of the Bowman Pond Memory Book: the color for BLA records; a black and white for the Sand Lake Historical Society; and a black and white for the Sand Lake Library, if the Historical Society version isn’t kept at the library. (Adopted Aug. 16, 2008)