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Welcome to the Bowman Lake Association Website. BLA is a social organization of neighbors and friends of Big Bowman Pond on Taborton Mountain in Rensselaer County, New York and a member of the New York State Federation of Lake Associations.

BLA has two main purposes: -to promote social activities among our members
-to encourage members to protect the water quality of Big Bowman Pond and its surrounding environment.

Bowman Lake Association was founded in the 1930s when a group of families, most from nearby Troy, NY, made Big Bowman Pond their summer home away from home.  Today we have year-round and seasonal residents who come from nearby and far away.  Many homes have stayed in the same families for generations while new families have also arrived. The Bowman community is a special place with a beautiful natural environment shared by old friends and new acquaintances.

We welcome your comments and ideas!

Photos: (from left)   2011 Sing, October 2011 Snowfall, 2011 Tractor Parade.



2019 events TBA June Board and Membership Meeting
August Board and Annual Meeting



Board Members


Dan Coiteux, President

Colleen Masters, Vice President

Karen Clickner Douttiel, Secretary

Kathy Hale, Treasurer


Kaitlyn Rowe, term expires 2019
Shane Cahill, term expires 2019
Dave Doutteil, term expires 2020
Rovie Simons, term expires 2020
Bill Kullman, term expires 2021
Mark Van Hoesen, term expires 2021


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Spring 2013

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New York State Department of Environmental Conservation

NYSDEC Beaver Control Techniques Manual

US Environmental Protection Agency

National Weather Service Forecasts

Rensselaer Land Trust

Rensselaer Plateau Alliance

Mohawk-Hudson Chapter of the Appalachian Mountain Club

Cornell Cooperative Extension



(as amended through August 21, 2010)

Article I. The name of this corporation shall be Bowman Lake Association Inc., of Taborton, New York.

Article II. The corporation has two purposes: (1) to promote social interaction among its members and (2) to encourage members to protect the water quality of Big Bowman Pond and its surrounding environment.

Article III. The members of the Association shall consist of adults age eighteen or older who (1) make an annual contribution to the Association and (2) own or reside for any part of the year in any residential property on Lawson Road, Windmill Way, Manning Way, Howe Way or the portion of Taborton Road on the lake side between Manning Way and Lawson Road.

Any person who holds any form of membership in the Association at the time this amendment is adopted, but who does not meet criteria (2) above, may continue to be a member as long as he or she continues to make an annual contribution.

Every member in good standing may hold office, chair or serve on committees, and cast one vote on all matters before the Association.

Any person who meets the criteria of the first paragraph of Article III may become a member of the Association by expression of interest to any officer or director and payment of the annual contribution. Membership in good standing is maintained from year to year by payment of the annual contribution.

Article IV. The Board of Directors of this Corporation shall consist of the Officers and six Directors, all elected from among the members, plus the immediate Past President.

This Constitution may be altered or amended by a three-fourths majority vote of all the members voting, provided that due notice and a copy of the proposed alterations and/or amendments shall be mailed or emailed to the address of record and delivered to the Taborton residence of each member at least ten (10) days prior to the meeting at which the vote is to be taken.

Article V. The Association fiscal year shall be Jan 1 to December 31. Each year at a regular meeting of the Association, the Treasurer shall present, and the Board of Directors shall adopt, an annual budget for the succeeding fiscal year after opportunity for member discussion.  At the same meeting, the Treasurer shall make an annual financial report of revenues and expenditures for the preceding fiscal year.

Article VI. The officers of the Association shall consist of a President, a Vice-President, a Secretary and a Treasurer, all of whom shall be members in good standing, and shall be elected at the annual meeting of the Association for a term of one year.

Two Directors shall be elected at each Annual Meeting of the Association for a term of three years.


(as amended through August 21, 2010)

Section 1. The Annual Meeting of the Corporation for the election of officers and Directors and for such other business as may properly come before such meeting shall be held at Taborton, New York during the third week in August of each year. The Association shall also hold a regular meeting in June of each year.  The President may call, or five or more members may petition the President to call, special or emergency meetings of the members as needed.

The agendas of all regular, special, and emergency meetings of the Association must be published no less than ten (10) days in advance of the meeting and sent to all members by mail, email, or hand delivery. Only matters on the published agenda for a meeting may be put to a vote at that meeting. Any member may request an item be placed on the agenda for discussion at any meeting, but only requests made in time to be included on the published agenda can be brought to a vote.

Section 2. At least forty-five (45) days before the Annual Meeting the President shall appoint an Elections Committee of three members to administer the annual election of officers and directors of the Association. The Election Committee will publish an announcement of the positions available to be filled by mail, email, or hand-delivery and solicit nominations for all positions.  Members may nominate themselves or other members for these positions.  The Committee will verify that any member who is nominated is willing to serve.  The Committee will recruit candidates for positions for which no nominations have been received as of 20 days before the Annual Meeting. A ballot listing the candidates for each office shall be mailed to the address of record, or delivered to the Taborton residence of all members of the Association, with the notice of the Annual Meeting, at least ten (10) days prior to said meeting where voting will take place. Elections will be conducted by secret ballot during the Annual Meeting. Members who cannot attend the meeting in person can send their sealed ballots with a proxy or send or deliver them to the secretary in advance of the meeting.

The officers when elected shall perform the duties usually incident to their respective offices.

Section 3. The Board of Directors shall meet subject to the call of the President or, in the absence of the President, the Vice President.  A majority of the Directors may call a special meeting at any time by giving due notice to all members of the Board of Directors, stating the purpose for which the meeting is called

The Board of Directors shall be entrusted with the governance of the Association and are empowered to carry out that responsibility with transparency and reasonable discretion. All policies adopted by the Association shall be recorded and maintained in an official manner. The Board of Directors may make expenditures on behalf of the Association which it finds necessary and expedient to incur during normal business and social operation of the Association, so long as those expenditures are made in accordance with the annual budget. However, the Board of Directors shall not have the power to contract or incur any indebtedness on behalf of the Association unless authorized by three-fourths of the members voting on such matters.

Section 4. Members shall be entitled to make a yearly contribution to the Association which entitles said member to all privileges of the Association, including the right to run for and hold office, chair or serve on Committees, and vote on all matters brought before the members at regular, special, or emergency meetings.

Section 5. The Board of Directors by a majority vote may expel from the Association, for cause, any member, first giving said member an opportunity to be heard.

Section 6. With the exception of the Election Committee, the President shall have the power to create and dissolve Committees as needed to accomplish the purposes of the Association. Committee Chairs will be appointed by the President and any Association member may volunteer to serve on a committee by contacting the Chair.  Committee Chairs or their designees will report on their Committee work at the Annual Meeting.

Section 7. At all meetings of the Association, ten (10) members shall constitute a quorum.  Voting may be either in person or by proxy.

Section 8. These By-Laws may be altered or amended by a three-fourths majority vote of all the members voting at the meeting, provided that due notice and a copy of the proposed alterations and/or amendments have been mailed or emailed to the address of record and delivered to the Taborton residence of each member, at least ten (10) days prior to the meeting at which the vote is to be taken.



Membership Committee: Ian Horne, chair
The main responsibility for this committee is to implement the new membership categories that were adopted with the Constitutional amendments in August 2010 , including outreach and information to current and potential members and updating our member directory.

Environmental Oversight Committee: Rovie Simons, Chair
This committee  oversees water quality monitoring activities, the dam and outlet.

Social Events Committee: Bruce Sowalski, Chair
This group organizes traditional and new social events for Association members and guests. See the  BLA events calendar for details.

Web Master & Content Manager : Ian Horne & Sharon Dawes

Newsletter Editor: vacant

Historian: Susan Faulkner


Please use your computer’s email software to send comments, documents, or attachments to the Bowman Lake Assocation Board or the Webmaster. The email address is:

[email protected]om




June 2018 Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

June 2018 Membership Meeting Minutes

August 24, 2014 Annual Meeting

Meeting Agenda
Call to Order
Approval of Minutes – June 2014 Meeting
Treasurer’s Report
Social Committee Report
CSLAP Report
Election of officers and board members – Nominating Committee
Other Business for discussion

June 2014 BLA Meeting

BLA Meeting Minutes


August 18, 2012 Annual Meeting

Board Meeting Minutes

Annual Meeting Minutes

Meeting Agenda
Call to order and welcome – Sharon Dawes
Secretary’s report – Susan Faulkner
Treasurer’s report – Fred Newdom
Social committee report – Bruce Sowalski
Water Quality/Environmental Committee Report – Rovie Simons
Options for weed control (carp, chemical treatment, harvesting) – Rovie Simons
Presentation of experiences at Spring Lake
Discussion and decisions about a future course of action for Big Bowman
Scheduling of additional weed pulling parties this year
Engraving of the Blake Cup – Susan Faulkner
Other Business for discussion
Election of officers and board members – Election Committee (Colleen Masters, Ian Horne, Karen Cobden)


June 16, 2012 BLA Meeting

Board Meeting Minutes

Membership Meeting Minutes

Meeting Agenda
Call to Order & Welcome
Minutes of Last Meeting & Secretary’s Report
Treasurer’s Report
Information Items

  • Membership Update
  • Website & Paypal Update
  • 2012 Social Activities
  • DEC Permit Update

Action items



August 20, 2011  Annual Association Meeting

Board Meeting Minutes

Annual Meeting Minutes

Annual Meeting Agenda:
Welcome & Announcements (Sharon Dawes)
Secretary’s report (Susan Faulkner)
Treasurer’s report (Al Trivers)
Social and Membership Committee reports (Bruce Sowalski, Cindy LaFleur)
Friends of Big Bowman program ideas (Janice Anne Kullman)
Weed control on Big Bowman (Environmental Committee report and recommendations)

review of expert report (Rovie Simons)
discussion and possible decisions

Election of offices and board members for 2012 (Colleen Masters)
Other business



July 23, 2001  Special BLA Meeting

Meeting Minutes

Meeting Agenda: Welcome (Sharon Dawes)

Approval of Expenditure from Water Quality Fund for Expert Assessment and Public Discussion of Weed Control (Rovie Simons)


NOTE: this meeting is to approve the expenditure – if approved, the public discussion meeting will be held during the first week in August


June 18, 2011 BLA Meeting

Board Meeting Minutes

Association Meeting Minutes

Association Meeting Agenda:

Welcome, Recognition, and News (Sharon Dawes)
Secretary’s Report (Susan Faulkner)
Treasurer’s Report and Budget Adoption (Al Trivers)
Committee Reports

Social Activities (Bruce Sowalski)
Membership (Cindy LaFleur)
Environment (Rovie Simons)

Discussion Items

Location of BLA meetings (Sharon Dawes)
Weed Control (Eileen Cahill)



2nd and 4th Saturdays
July – October                   Averill Park Community Market (next to Uncle Marty’s on Rt 43)

August 3                           Taborton Picnic (Zion Church, Taborton Rd.)


All year         Rensselaer County Events Calendar, The Rensselaer County Weekender



Members are entitled to participate in all events and committees and can vote on all matters considered by the Association. All members are included in the mailing list and directory, and receive the BLA newsletter. Any person 18 or older who owns property or resides for any part of the year on the following roads surrounding Big Bowman Pond is eligible for membership:

  • Manning Way
  • Lawson Road
  • Windmill Way
  • Howe Way
  • Taborton Road between Manning Way and Lawson Road (lake side)

In addition, anyone who was an owner member or associate member in August 2010, regardless of current residence, may continue to be a member.

Annual membership contributions for the Bowman Lake Association are $20 per adult per calendar year. Payments are due by January 31 for the calendar year.  Please send your payment to:

Fred Newdom, BLA Treasurer
347 Wellington Road
Delmar, NY 12054


Pay via Paypal using your own Paypal account or a credit card.
($1 per member is added to cover the processing fee.)

Number of adults
Please list member names
Official PayPal Seal


The Association periodically adopts policies that supplement the Consitution and By-laws.  The following policies are currently in effect:


Membership definition.  The definition of membership and a variety of conforming changes were approved in the BLA Constitution and By-laws.  Members are defined as individual adults living or owning property on the roads surrounding the Big Bowman Pond.  For full text, see Constitution and By-laws. (Adopted Aug. 21, 2010).

Honorary Membership. Honorary Membership in BLA will be offered to the Pastor the Zion UCC Church. (Adopted Aug. 21, 2010).

Lifetime and Honorary Membership. Lifetime membership in the BLA will be offered to any member reaching the age of 80 years. Anyone reaching this age should notify the Treasurer so that no further contributions need to be collected from that person. Also, anyone can be awarded an “Honorary Lifetime Membership” for distinctive service rendered to the Association. (Adopted Aug. 19, 2006)

Lifetime membership. John Walsh was awarded a life-time membership in the BLA in appreciation of his many services to the lake. (Adopted Aug. 20, 2005)

Water Level and Management of the Dam

Reducing water level in winter. All the boards be taken out of dam for the winter according to the stated dates of the current Dam Regulation Policy to allow water levels to drop as far as possible, with the proviso that if this would cause a significant problem for someone regarding drawing water or another problem of that nature, the small board would be replaced per the regular policy. (Adopted Aug. 20, 2011).

Regular schedule for dam operations. A dam board of 11 ½ inches to be put in place from the middle of May (after heavy rains and snow melt runoff) until end of October/beginning of November. The water level with the 11 ½ inch board is between 3-4 inches below the concrete surface of the Buckner/Choudhri docks. A dam board of 5 ½ inches be put in place from the end of October/beginning of November until the middle of May. Locking mechanisms will be put in place to prevent the board from being inserted or removed.  The BLA President and John Walsh will maintain keys to the dam.Urgent requests for removal of the dam board for water level or quality purposes must be made to the Dam/water level committee. A majority vote of the committee will determine the action to be taken.  (Adopted August 18, 2007).

Commitee. A dam/water level committee was formed with John Walsh, Rovie Simons, Dave Cobden, and Bill and Cindy LaFleur. (Adopted June 30, 2007)

Environmental Quality

NYS Federation. BLA will join the NYS Federation of Lake Associations. (Adopted Aug. 20, 2011)

Carp Permit. The President and Chair of the Environmental Quality Committee will apply for a triploid carp permit from the NYS Dept. of Environmental Conservation.  The application process is to be used for educational purposes regarding control of aquatic vegetation. Any decision to implement the permit, if granted, will be made by vote of Association members. (Adopted Aug. 20, 2011)

Water Quality Account. That deposits to the Water Quality Account from total membership contributions are suspended for 2011 and 2012 due to insufficient funds. (Adopted Aug. 19, 2011).

Informing renters. Information packets for renters/guests will have basic information related to what renters/guests need to know to use the lake properly. (Adopted Aug. 16, 2008).

Water Quality Account. Yearly membership contributions to the BLA will be divided equally between the Regular Account and the Water Quality Account. (Adopted Aug. 19, 2006)

BLA-sponsored events

Diving contest. The Regatta diving contest is re-instated using a minimum of two spotters and with only participants and judges allowed on the dock during the contest. (adopted Aug. 15, 2009).

Blake Cup. The Blake Cup is owned by the BLA and the winner each year is the “guardian” of the cup for one year. (Adopted Aug. 15, 2009).

Blake Cup. Expenses for engraving of winners’ names on the Blake Cup will be paid for by the BLA. (Adopted Aug. 16, 2008).

Blake Cup. Non-BLA-member winners of the Blake Cup will be offered a certificate of winning, the option of a picture holding the Blake Cup trophy, and the placement of their name(s) on the Blake Cup trophy list. If they become members of the BLA, then they could keep the actual trophy cup for the year. (Adopted Jun. 28, 2008).

Liability disclaimer. In lieu of the BLA buying liability insurance, it would take the following steps when sponsoring BLA events, 1) all flyers for BLA events will have a disclaimer regarding any risk of injury at an event is the responsibility of the participant; 2) flyers would be posted at each event with the same disclaimer; 3) an announcement of the disclaimer would also be made at the beginning of each event. (Adopted June 20, 2009).

Contributions and Donations to Other Organizations

Contributions to Zion UCC.  $100 is authorized for payment to Zion UCC Church to support its Earth Day event. This payment replaces the former charitable contribution. (Adopted June 18, 2012).

Charitable contributions. The BLA is authorized to make automatic, annual contributions to the Sand Lake Ambulance, Taborton Fire Department, and the Zion UCC Church of Taborton in the amount of $100/yr. unless the Sand Lake Ambulance receives the majority of its support through billing for its services or taxes, which would result in excluding donations being made to that organization, and, with the recognition that this decision can be modified in the future. (Adopted June 20, 2009).

Historical contributions. The BLA will purchase one color and possibly two black and white versions of the Bowman Pond Memory Book: the color for BLA records; a black and white for the Sand Lake Historical Society; and a black and white for the Sand Lake Library, if the Historical Society version isn’t kept at the library. (Adopted Aug. 16, 2008)



A History of Taborton
Geoffrey Hubbs, Diane Snyder, Joseph D’Entrone, 1966

In 1966, three local junior high students compiled a History of Taborton as a school project.  Their paper was found and transcribed by then-BLA President John Losee in 2007.  The text is complete but the diagrams and bibliography are missing.  Still, it’s a pretty interesting look at our local area and how it developed from the early 1800s to mid-20th century.

Historical Postcards

These were mailed around 1912 or so, but the photos may be older.



Learn how natural lakeshores protect water quality

Each of the links below provides information on our natural environment and ways to protect and enjoy it.

NYS Federation of Lake Associations (NYSFOLA)

New York State Department of Environmental Conservation

NYSDEC Beaver Control Techniques Manual

The BUFFER HANDBOOK: Creating Vegetated Buffers for Lakefront Properties

US Environmental Protection Agency

National Weather Service Forecasts

Rensselaer Land Trust

Rensselaer Plateau Alliance

Mohawk-Hudson Chapter of the Appalachian Mountain Club

Cornell Cooperative Extension


Several studies of water quality and aquatic vegetation have been conducted on Big Bowman Pond since the mid-1970s  The reports are available here.  Please note that the files are large and may take some time to open or download to your computer.

Note: All reports related to the Citizen Statewide Lake Assessment Program (CSLAP) are in a separate section of this website


2014 North Sample Lab Report

2014 South Sample Lab Report

2011 Vegetation Assessment Report

2003 Water Quality Report

1991 Water Quality Report

1986 Water Quality Report

1972 Assessment of Lakes in Rensselaer County


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PAGE Other Water Quality Resources

Bladderwort Identification Guide

Harmful Algal Blooms – Colorful Threats,  The Conservationist, August 2018

NYSDEC Primer Aquatic Vegetation

A Synoptic Review of Technical Information Regarding the Use of Herbicides in Fish-Bearing Waters of the State

Massachusetts Practical Guide to Lake Management

Vermont Guide to Nuisance Aquatic Vegetation

PAGE Big Bowman Management Study

A lake management study of Big Bowman Pond conducted by George Smith from SUNY Oneonta Department of Biology is complete.  An extensive outline of the study report was presented to BLA members in June 2018.  The full report and comprehensive lake management plan were presented in June 2019. The complete documents are included below:

Report Summary

Big Bowman State of the Lake Report
Report Appendix

Big Bowman Comprehensive Management Plan