June 2018 Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

June 2018 Membership Meeting Minutes

August 24, 2014 Annual Meeting

Meeting Agenda
Call to Order
Approval of Minutes – June 2014 Meeting
Treasurer’s Report
Social Committee Report
CSLAP Report
Election of officers and board members - Nominating Committee
Other Business for discussion

June 2014 BLA Meeting

BLA Meeting Minutes


August 18, 2012 Annual Meeting

Board Meeting Minutes

Annual Meeting Minutes

Meeting Agenda
Call to order and welcome - Sharon Dawes
Secretary's report - Susan Faulkner
Treasurer's report - Fred Newdom
Social committee report – Bruce Sowalski
Water Quality/Environmental Committee Report - Rovie Simons
Options for weed control (carp, chemical treatment, harvesting) - Rovie Simons
Presentation of experiences at Spring Lake
Discussion and decisions about a future course of action for Big Bowman
Scheduling of additional weed pulling parties this year
Engraving of the Blake Cup - Susan Faulkner
Other Business for discussion
Election of officers and board members - Election Committee (Colleen Masters, Ian Horne, Karen Cobden)


June 16, 2012 BLA Meeting

Board Meeting Minutes

Membership Meeting Minutes

Meeting Agenda
Call to Order & Welcome
Minutes of Last Meeting & Secretary's Report
Treasurer's Report
Information Items

  • Membership Update
  • Website & Paypal Update
  • 2012 Social Activities
  • DEC Permit Update

Action items



August 20, 2011  Annual Association Meeting

Board Meeting Minutes

Annual Meeting Minutes

Annual Meeting Agenda:

Welcome & Announcements (Sharon Dawes)
Secretary's report (Susan Faulkner)
Treasurer's report (Al Trivers)
Social and Membership Committee reports (Bruce Sowalski, Cindy LaFleur)
Friends of Big Bowman program ideas (Janice Anne Kullman)
Weed control on Big Bowman (Environmental Committee report and recommendations)

review of expert report (Rovie Simons)
discussion and possible decisions

Election of offices and board members for 2012 (Colleen Masters)
Other business



July 23, 2001  Special BLA Meeting

Meeting Minutes

Meeting Agenda:

Welcome (Sharon Dawes)

Approval of Expenditure from Water Quality Fund for Expert Assessment and Public Discussion of Weed Control (Rovie Simons)


NOTE: this meeting is to approve the expenditure - if approved, the public discussion meeting will be held during the first week in August


June 18, 2011 BLA Meeting

Board Meeting Minutes

Association Meeting Minutes

Association Meeting Agenda:

Welcome, Recognition, and News (Sharon Dawes)
Secretary's Report (Susan Faulkner)
Treasurer's Report and Budget Adoption (Al Trivers)
Committee Reports

Social Activities (Bruce Sowalski)
Membership (Cindy LaFleur)
Environment (Rovie Simons)

Discussion Items

Location of BLA meetings (Sharon Dawes)
Weed Control (Eileen Cahill)